Microblading is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo meant to enhance and shape the eyebrows. Our resident brow specialist will work together with you to design your desired shape and then apply each tattoo stroke by hand. 

All prices are subject to change.


Microblading                                      $395 (includes 4-6 week touch-up)

(2 hours)


***Our studio follows strict county and state guidelines outlining the need for proper sanitation and sterilization during this service.***

What exactly is Microblading?

Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo service meant to mimic the look of natural brows. Microblading is an art form, and our artist uses her expertise to design the perfect shape for each guest's individual face and needs. 

What is the process?

After consulting with the guest to design his or her perfect shape, our artist will begin the actual Microblading treatment. Patiently, and by hand, the artist will tattoo each stroke to look as realistic as possible. 

How long does Microblading last?

After the initial treatment, the guest must return 4-6 weeks later for a complimentary touch-up. Some of the pigment will naturally fade from the first treatment and will be replaced during this time. After being touched up, the brows will last 12-18 months before needing to be refreshed again.

What are the advantages of Microblading?

There are so many! Microblading replaces confidence in guests who have lost brow density or have naturally sparse areas, and enhances an already great brow for easy mornings. They are sweat proof, waterproof and wipe proof!

I have a vacation or special event coming up, how soon before the event should I come in for my treatment?

We recommend 8-10 weeks before. This will allow time for your brows to not only heal once, but twice, since they are not fully completed until after the 4-6 week touch-up.

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