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Victoria Burtch (Scooter)

How long have you been in the industry?
16 years

How long have you been at S2K?
4 years

What is your favorite part of working in the industry?
Building relationships with my clients and being able to help them
with all of their hair wants, needs and desires. The industry is forever changing and
there is always something new to learn!  

What is the best memory you have of working at S2K so far?
The 2022 Secret Santa Fiasco 

What is one thing you would tell a newcomer to the industry?
Be open minded and never stop learning.
The industry is always changing, there is always something new out there.

Three fun facts about you:
1. My nickname is Scooter Vic.

2. Proud dog mom of a pitbull princess named Brandy.

3. I enjoy doing house projects.

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